[2019.01.28] Amazon Kindle paperwhite 2 (KPW2) Firmware Update

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First, i want to say :”Happy New Year” for everybady.  Then, Amazon Kindle  paperwhite 2 (KPW2) Firmware Update .

1. Kindle  paperwhite 2 (KPW2) Update content:

  • Swipe home page: Swipe up the home page to see more tips and recommendations based on your reading habits.
  • Easily customize your reading experience: Now you can select fonts, text thickness and orientation settings from the main menu, easily save a variety of reading settings, and quickly switch between these settings.
  • Battery percentage: Shows the percentage of battery remaining.
  • Standard toolbar labels: Labels are added to icons on the standard toolbar for better viewing.
  • Performance improvements and other general enhancements.

2.Kindle  paperwhite 2 (KPW2) Firmware Download:

Please click here .

3. How To determine the current software version on your Kindle:

From Home, tap the Menu icon, and then tap Settings.

From Settings, tap the Menu icon again, and then tap Device Info.

If you have the latest update, it should look like this: Kindle

If you want to know more Kindle Firmware knowledge ,Please visit Kindle Firmware Update.

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