[2019.04.10] Kindle X MIGU Firmware Update

If you use other Kindle and want to Download Firmware , you can visit article [2019.03.30] Kindle Oasis\ Voyage\ Paperwhite Firmware Update , [2019.03.27] Kindle Paperwhite 4 (KPW4) Firmware Update 5.11.1 . This article i will tell you Kindle X MIGU Firmware Update , you can know Kindle x MIGU Update content and Download address .

1.Kindle X MIGU Update Content:

  • Device Operating System – Version:

A security update was made on the Kindle OS.

  • MIGU Reading – Version: 3.0.0

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2.Kindle X MIGU Firmware Download:

Click Here !

If you want to know more Kindle Firmware knowledge ,Please visit Kindle Firmware Update.

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