How to send Kindle paperwhite user’s guide to your Kindle paperwhite Device?

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In article Kindle Dictionary Download , we are already introduction how to get free Dictionary , This way the same to get Free Kindle user’s guide .

Of Course, It looks very simple. I am still very happy to do it again.

1.join in your amazon account, click here 

click sign in, then, write your email and password.

tips: if you without amazon account .please click Create your Amazon Account .

2. From Your account ,click Manage Your Content and Devices

3. search bar search keywords “paperwhite”


select Kindle  paperwhite user’s Guide,9th Editon

then. click 发送


select your Kindle Device, for example :my third Kindle ,then, click 发送


Then, Tips. “Kindle  paperwhite User’s Guide,9th Edition (English Edition )”

4.Open my Kindle paperwhite Device, click settings icon,then,click Sync My Kindle ,

congratulation.  send success .  click Kindle  paperwhite User’s Guide,9th Edition start Read .

if you want to learn more Kindle paperwhite knowledge, i recommended you visit Kindle Beginner’s guide (2018/11/30 update).

Good News:Kindle  Unlimited Free Trial 30-Days & Amazon Audible Free Trial 30-Days