Kindle Paperwhite 4 ( & jailbreak tutorial (From MobileRead forum)

Tips: Kindle paperwhite 4 (KPW4)Firmware Version can Jailbreak  , Kindle paperwhite 3 (KPW3)Firmware Version can Jailbreak  . I will share the tutorial separately in the future!

Today, i will share Kindle Paperwhite 4 ( & jailbreak tutorial, This tutorial comes from MobileRead Forum .

Original Posts:Brand new PaperWhite 4 (2018) factory image JailBreaking


Step 0: start up brand new Kindle, and skip the wifi screen, choosing to finish setup later.

Step 1: download factory image to your computer, and load onto the Kindle

Step 2: use “Update Your Kindle” in the Settings menu

Step 3: create the update blocking folder

Step 4: JailBreak your Kindle

Step 5: Install the Hotfix/Bridge to keep the JailBreak after update

Step X: update to newer FW or do whatever else you want on your jailbroken Kindle.

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