Kindle paperwhite 4 (KPW4)screen quality not uniform? what should I do?

In article PW4 screen quality not uniform? , A Kindle  paperwhite 4  Friend sharing this question . and this follow picture .

I have been watching this picture a Long time , i think the  kindle  paperwhite 4 screen quality is very good .

Today,about this question : Kindle paperwhite 4 (KPW[……]

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How to send Kindle paperwhite user’s guide to your Kindle paperwhite Device?

In article Kindle Dictionary Download , we are already introduction how to get free Dictionary , This way the same to get Free Kindle user’s guide .

Of Course, It looks very simple. I am still very happy to do it again.

1.join in your amazon account, click here 

click sign in, then, wri[……]

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How to Download and Install Latest Calibre on Windows 10

In article Calibre – E-book Management, we have konw what is calibre .but how to download and install latest calibre on windows ? this article will tell you .

First, how to Download Calibre? “calibre” on google Download

because my windows system is 64 bit, so select Wind[……]

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Kindle Paperwhite 4 ( & jailbreak tutorial (From MobileRead forum)

Tips: Kindle paperwhite 4 (KPW4)Firmware Version can Jailbreak  , Kindle paperwhite 3 (KPW3)Firmware Version can Jailbreak  . I will share the tutorial separately in the future!

Today, i will share Kindle Paperwhite 4 ( & jailbreak tutorial, This tutorial[……]

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[2018.12.01] Kindle Paperwhite 4(KPW4)firmware updates

I remember the last time Kindle paperwhite 4 (KPW4) Firmware updates in 2018.11.09. you can visit this page .

Yesterday, Amazon Kindle  papawhite 4 firmware updates again ,this firmware version is .

As shown:Kindle paperwhite 4


1.Kindle paperwhite 4 update contents[……]

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[2018.11.09] Kindle Paperwhite 4 (KPW4) firmware updates

Good information ,This is the first time Kindle paperwhite 4 (KPW4) Firmware Update . Firmware version :

As shown:Kindle paperwhite 4

1.Kindle paperwhite 4 update contents:
  • Swipe-able Home: Swipe up on your home screen to see additional tips, recommendations, and more based on[……]

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