Solution:Kindle Fire touch screen problems & not working

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About Kindle screen article , we are already talk Kindle paperwhite 4 (KPW4)screen quality not uniform? what should I do? .This article i will talk Kindle Fire touch screen problems & not working Solution .

when i open my Kindle fire and Kindle screen to open a book and turn page it not working ,but keep highlighting first word of the page.

if your kindle have this Happening,i suggest you try:

1、Troubleshooting Frozen Screen. … If the screen is still unresponsive, plug in your device using the USB cord or power adapter that came with it. We recommend charging Fire tablets with an Amazon power adapter. Let the device charge for 30 minutes, unplug it, and then try to restart again. You can refer to this page!


2、of course!you can visit youtube ;i hope help you solution kindle fire toutch not working question.