This may be True ! Entry Level Kindle Ereaders being Phased Out or Replaced ?

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I doubt this is why clearance sale ,Entry Level Kindle Ereaders being Phased Out or Replaced ? it’s now sold out and Amazon is only selling it as refurbished and used.

Hopefully it won’t just disappear without a replacement like the Kindle Voyage last year. Other Information:Kindle Latest info:Kindle voyage 2 (KV2) will be Released in 2019

The End of Tips: I have heard from the upstream supply chain that the Kindle Voyage 2 will be entering mass production soon and will likely be released sometime in the late spring or early summer.

However , somebady doubt :

I doubt that Amazon is going down to two models. They could:

– make a slight upgrade to the basic Kindle
– introduce an all new model between the Paperwhite and Oasis
– introduce a Kindle larger than the Oasis

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